Single Day Tours

We offer single days tours that you could be run from your hotel to visit Borobudur Temple the most popular Buddhist Temple, Prambanan Temple the biggest Hindu temple, Yogyakarta City, Dieng Plateau the high land in central Java, Sukuh Cetho temple the erotic style temple, Mt.  Merapi  and South beaches.

1. Prambanan Temple tour (5h)
Enjoy java most beautiful Hindu shrine of the 9th Century Prambanan Temple. Next drive through paddy fields and sugarcane plantations to the two storey Buddhist temple at Plaosan and then go on to Java oldest Buddhist temple Kalasan.

2. Borobudur Temple tour (6h)
Discover the history and mystery of Borobudur temple the Buddhist temple built on 8th century,  the world great architectural masterpieces, we also visit Pawon temple, which is in the middle of typical village, and Mendut temple with it’s magnificent statue of Cakyamuni

3. Borobudur Sunrise Tour (6h)
Wake up will be made in the early morning t 04,00 with your guide drive for borobudur temple breaking the morning scene, climbing up the temple for welcoming the sunrise that will give you a spectacular moment. Than, explore the temple for it’s great history and philosophy. Before rejoin to your coach – enjoy your simple breakfast at Manohara restaurant

4. Majestic Dieng Plateau ( 10 h)
An early morning departure to drive to the highland of Magelang and Temanggung, enjoy the dramatic scenery as we drive through the tea and tobacco plantation of the Sindoro Sumbing Valley some of the most spectacular country side yo will ever see with agriculture in terraces. Visit Java oldest Hindu Temples dating from 9th century, see the active volcanic craters of take in the beauty of the Telaga Warna and Sikidang Crater.

5. Solo city tour (9 h)
A morning drive to Solo the Yogya sister city, on arrival visit Mangkunegaran Palace with it’s fascinating dispaly of gold plated ornaments jewelery and wooden mask, next brows in the Triwindu Flea Market, on to Radya Pustaka Museum.

6. Yogyakarta City Tour (5h)
Visit Kraton the magnificent palace of sultan. The bird market of Ngasem and the water castle will be your next visit after Sultan Palace, and go on to a traditional home industry batik making center to see the artisan at work, next visit kota gede, the original home of Yogya silver ware to see craftsman ship centuries old being practiced today.

7. Sukuh Cetho Temples (10 h)
Drive eastward to Yogyakarta sister city of Solo then travel on through lovely country side to discover the mystery of the 14th century Sukuh Temple built on the last Hinduism period the has a architecture as the Mayan temple. Next, we go on up scenic, winding Mountain road to another 14th century Hindu temple Cetho to Enjoy the beauty of it’s peaceful surrounding.

8. South Ocean beach (4h)
tour begin with a drive through the lovely country side of Sewu Hill. Enjoy the Panoramic view and later a sea view. on arrival at Parangtritis, you will have leisure time to browse the beach on foot